Manitoba’s campgrounds are the ideal locations for full-time and first-time campers and weekend warriors. So, don’t miss experiencing this exciting adventure and camp out at any of Manitoba’s resorts, campgrounds, and parks today.

Create fun-filled memories with your family in Manitoba

Manitoba has a wide variety of camping options, making it easier to plan and select the most suitable outdoor adventures for you and your family.

You can start by booking a campsite in any of Manitoba’s local parks or choosing from the various amenities suitable for families offered by private campground owners.

To enhance your thrilling adventure, try “glamping” and stay in Otentik in Riding Mountain. Here, families can make more unforgettable memories sleeping under the glittering stars surrounded by nature’s beautiful serene sounds.

Moreover, families can look forward to roasting marshmallows in a campfire and make the most of their day cycling, swimming, and hiking to create a wonderful camping experience.

Nature Escapade

1. Clear Lake

Your outdoor adventure won’t be as satisfying if you don’t visit Clear Lake. It’s a tranquil place where various artists and adventurers, entrepreneurs, and explorers get connected to enjoy an exciting experience.

2. National Park, Riding Mountain

This is a combination of fleeting and boreal forests, marshy lands, and grasslands. Its beauty elevates Manitoba, offering thrilling outdoor adventures year-round like biking, hiking, snowshoe trails, and skiing.

Moreover, you can get the chance to meet some of Manitoba’s most treasured wildlife, such as elk, moose, wolves, bears, and different bird species.