If you are keen on exploring the beautiful views of lakes and rivers, Manitoba has plenty to offer. It’s here where you can find long stretches of river where you can have the best experience in a kayak and a hundred thousand lakes.

Manitoba has numerous ways to experience water activities, whether you are a pro or a beginner.

Search your best choice paddling direction in Manitoba

Did you know that Manitoba is the place where you can find some of the world’s best rapids? The legendary route in Northern Manitoba or Manigotagan River are examples where paddling enthusiasts can surely get excited.

This is especially true if you crave more challenging adventures. Here, you can venture into Seal River’s entire course and some of Manitoba’s most remote and rugged wilderness.

Moreover, Manitoba also offers casual paddling adventures, and you can explore a lot of leisurely routes around the province.

Be Familiar with Heritage Rivers in Manitoba

In 1984, the Canadian Heritage System was built. Its goal was to ensure that rivers are considered an essential part of the past and a significant future treasure.

With that said, here are the four rivers in Manitoba, which you can also find ways to be familiar with and the activities they can offer.

  • Red River – This river flows towards the north and crosses the Glacial Lake.
  • Bloodvein River – This river is 11 years old and remains steady. It flows from Atikaki Park to Winnipeg Lake.
  • Seal River – More experienced paddlers traverse this challenging route each year.
  • Hayes River – This is one of the most stunning rivers in Manitoba, and it played a significant part in history.