Here are some of the exciting activities you can do from June 21 to 27 while staying at home.

1. Explore the Interlake through a book

Discover the beauty of Manitoba’s Interlake through an animated coloring book featuring heritage sites, historical stories, and iconic landmarks. This book allows you to explore Manitoba without leaving home. In fact, you can easily purchase it online.

2. Enjoy the food from Winnipeg’s Exchange District

Grab a coffee in the morning, a meal for lunch or dinner, and a dessert or snacks from the restaurants in Winnipeg’s Exchange District. You can enjoy them at home by ordering them for takeout.

3. Try the burgers of Turtle Mountain

The Velvet Cafe in Turtle Mountain has the best burgers and breakfast meals. Their best-selling burgers include the Legend and the Burger Deluxe. Moreover, their breakfast sandwich called the Rancher is an all-time favorite. Turtle Mountain’s rich history inspires the dishes on its menu.

4. Witness Indigenous Day

More than 30 gifted performers will play music, sing, and dance to entice their audience for Indigenous Day. Moreover, artists from Turtle Island will perform live to celebrate the country’s National Indigenous Day.

5. Watch an online film

As part of the Indigenous Day celebration, you can watch an exciting documentary film about the events in Winnipeg. In addition, you can easily register for the event online.

6. Learn More about Wildlife

People in Manitoba are known to co-exist with wild animals peacefully. In a talk hosted by the CPAWS (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society), you will learn how to maintain a respectful and safe connection with wildlife. Here, you can learn more about how to minimize the risk of encountering wild animals.