It’s a new day for Manitobans as they begin to regain their freedom starting this weekend. As announced by Premier Brian Pallister, the province reached its vaccination uptake target, so Manitobans can now enjoy their days with fewer COVID-19 restrictions beginning this coming weekend.

Manitoba’s initial objective was to release the province from its COVID-19 restrictions by July 1 if they reach a vaccination figure of 70% for 12 years and up with one dose and 25 % for adults with completed doses or two doses.

As per Wednesday’s data, around 71.6% of the population has had their first dose, and 28.8% of Manitobans have already completed the two doses. Moreover, Manitoba’s one-week average of new COVID cases has decreased to 127 from the previous number of 482.

Premier Pallister was delighted as this is undoubtedly good news for Manitobans. According to Dr. Roussins, chief of the Public Health Office, Manitobans deserve to get their freedom back and enjoy the remaining days of summer after a year and a half of battling COVID-19.

Private gatherings are still not allowed

While businesses can increase their working capacity, they can only do so at up to 25% of their working capacity for 250 people. However, the province is allowing household members to shop together without several household restrictions.

Moreover, businesses like salons and aesthetic shops can operate up to 50% capacity but only on an appointment basis. Fitness centers like gyms can also operate for individuals and group classes, and the allowable capacity is only 25% and practicing social distance is still a must.