Did you know that you can tour Manitoba while staying safe at home? In fact, below are some activities you can enjoy while in the comfort of your own home.

1. Book an online tour with the Canadian Mint

Have you ever thought about how coins are made? One way to learn the answer is to take an online tour with the Royal Mint. Here, you will discover the history of coin stamping in Canada – from its creation to packaging.

2. Learn the basics of Métis beadwork

Learn more about Métis beading from Melanie Gamache herself and try doing it yourself with this workshop. Here, you can gain a clearer picture of Métis culture. The class begins with an introduction to needle beading techniques and grasping the importance of beading for the Métis people.

3. Hear the teachings and stories of the Knowledge Keepers

Watch and listen to a series of videos made by the NYT (Native Youth Theatre) and MTYP (Manitoba Theatre for Young People). Each episode focuses on the sacred teachings of the Knowledge Keepers and local Elders accompanied by music or dance.

4. Enjoy an online play

Watch a play that Ismaila Alfa wrote, titled “Voice.” Its story is about the bond and love of a daughter and father separated by a vast distance. The piece combines poetry and prose, along with a hip-hop rhythm, making it genuine and impactful.

5. Watch a concerto by the WSO

You can enjoy watching a concert by the WSO (Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra). The performance will feature the works of Mozart, Vivaldi, and Mendelssohn, played by Yuri Hooker, the principal cellist, and David Liam Roberts.