Integrity Foods is a family-owned business spanning two generations. It’s an artisan bakery and a local supplier of freshly baked goodies, available for retail and wholesale and comes straight from the farm.

What’s fantastic about their baked goods is they use wood-fired brick ovens to achieve a uniquely delicious taste. In fact, leavened bread is their specialty product. Moreover, from June until September, they hold a Pizza Night that entices people to come and taste world-class pizza made from a brick oven.

In addition, Integrity Foods produce food with ancient grains, and they offer unforgettable experiences as part of their specialty. Some of these experiences are:

  • Motor tour
  • Guided Tour
  • Self-tour (guided)

Suppose you and your family want to try a unique and enjoyable experience. In that case, Integrity Foods should be at the top of your list. Here, you can enjoy the following:

  • Pizza picnic at the farm and bond with friends and family
  • Book your Pizza Night
  • Learn how to make a pizza from scratch.