Manitoba is famous for excellent angling opportunities, different species, and several lakes. So, to experience all these, come and explore Manitoba for a thrilling fishing adventure.

Ice Fishing

Explore the exciting activity of ice fishing only in Manitoba.

The winter experience in Manitoba is like no other, and the best part of it is ice fishing in its many iced lakes. In fact, the cold winters in Manitoba are longer, which means longer ice fishing seasons.

Outstanding ice angling and intense winter adventures

Get a chance to encounter Manitoba’s lakes and rivers and reel in an extensive selection of trophy fish species.

Another exciting part is when the ice fishing community gathers on Lake Winnipeg; these are anglers that exhibit their ice shacks and wait for an entire day for a big catch, along with great company and warm drinks.

Furthermore, many local providers offer a comprehensive guided experience for anglers new to ice fishing.

Angler program in Manitoba

Manitoba has over 80 species to reel in – from walleye and bass to catfish. In addition, the province has many places that you can tour, complete with a drive to and fishing options that you can plan and choose from, depending on your personal adventure preference.

Moreover, it’s a well-known fact that Manitoba fishing adventure is a significant Canadian activity as it provides time for enjoyment and relaxation.