Canadian restaurants and their community are all proud to follow the new advertising code for beverages and food. This code was set in place to add to some significant regulations and laws to enhance safety and protection among children with adult advertising.

This code is formally called The Law for a Responsible Marketing of Food and Drink Products to Children, also known as the Beverage and Food Advertising Code. This code will be managed by Advertising Canada and will implement regulations like preclearance in accordance with this code.

Also, compliance and reporting of complaints and their process will be included. Overall, this new law and regulation will rule all operating beverages and food advertising in Canada or any media platform. In addition, the new code exceeds or meets the current health recommendation that was published in December 2018.

Lastly, the new Beverages and Food Advertising Code is funded and supported by the industry alliance associations responsible for implementing the new code. Their aim was to enhance protection among children. However, this code is expected to be set in place by the summer of 2023 in compliance with its associates.